February's prayers were written Anne Richards, of the Mission Theology Advisory Group.

2 February

A prayer based on Luke 2.22-40, for Candlemas.


Loving Father,

We thank you that you gave Mary and Joseph

the privilege of being parents.

Today we share in their joy;

we delight in their pride and pleasure

in bringing their child, Jesus, to the Temple. 


We thank you for the wisdom of older people

and especially today, for Simeon and Anna,

who recognised Jesus as a special child,

the Saviour of us all.


Teach us to look upon every child

with love, joy and wisdom

and see reflected there your boundless grace.



9 February

A prayer based on Matthew 5.13-20.


Loving God,

We will be the salts of your good earth,

nourishing, preserving and flavouring your world

with our Christian faith and love.


We will be the light of your good earth,

illuminating, brightening, colouring in your world

with our Christian prayers and worship.


We will be the righteousness of your good earth,

changing, challenging, and restoring your world

with our Christian work for justice and peace.


Help us, children and adults together

always to be salt, light and righteousness for you

and to keep your commandments

every day of our lives.



16 February

A prayer based on Deuteronomy 30.15-20.

For children: based on the 10 Commandments (with optional actions).


We love God (cross arms on chest)

We serve God (bow)

We respect God (put hands together in prayer)

We go to church (shake hands with person next to you)

We love our mums and dads (cross arms on chest)

We take care of our friends, our families and our pets (exchange hug)

We keep our promises (hand on heart)

We respect each other’s things (cup hands to show taking care of something)

We always tell the truth (hand on heart)

We are happy with what we have (arms in the air, dance, sing or shout)


Loving God, 

We are all your children.

Thank you for teaching us how to live happily and well.



23 February

Prayer based on Psalm 119.33-40.


Loving Father,

We would follow you, every day that we live,

(all your children walking together,

loving, respecting, one another.)


Jesus, our Friend,

Help us keep your commandments with heartfelt joy.

Help us to please you rather than ourselves

(as we give way, in love, to one another.)


Marvellous Spirit,

We come to you because you give us hope.

We come to you because you bring us comfort

(and you have protected your children under your wings.)    

Lord, your wonderful love gives life to all.