Our prayers for December were taken from our online Advent calendar.


You might want to pray the following prayer each week as you light your Advent candle, followed by the prayer for that week.

Gracious God,

Meet us as we gather 

at the dawning of your light.

As we hear again the story of 

your love born among us,

strengthen us to face the 

darkness of the world.

May we know our gifts and find our voice

and be emboldened to proclaim the joy of your kingdom,

fragile and dependent as a baby,

bright as your love shining light through 

the darkness that will never overcome it.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, your Son. 



1 December

To all whose world seems overwhelmed by darkness,

Bring your light and hope.


8 December

To all who feel they have no place,

for whom good news is rare.

Bring your light and hope.


15 December

To all for whom debt and lack of support 

mean a life full of fear and uncertainty.

Bring your light and hope.


22 December

To all who bring their gifts for others

And who are changed in the process.

Bring your light and hope.