Mothering Sunday - Celebrate Mother's Day 2014

Use our free Mothering Sunday resources to celebrate everyone who cares for us.

In our work with the most vulnerable children in our society, we provide the extra mothering they need to feel loved, listened to and valued.

We work with and for children whose mothers fight every day to ensure they are looked after, and with those who are unable to live with their birth parents, for a wide range of reasons.

We offer a lifeline to these children through our workers who ensure the gap between the children’s needs and what they are able to access is narrowed. They share in the ‘mothering’ of the children, wrapping a blanket of care and hope around them.

This Mothering Sunday, 30 March, use our resources to focus on the mothering we can all offer, we can all receive and to which we can all contribute for those in greatest need in our communities. Our wide range of sermon ideas, prayers, all age worship materials, Messy and Sunday school activities can help you and your church celebrate Mothering Sunday and everyone who cares for us.

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A circle of nourishment, nurture and growth

The main activity is for children to decorate their own plant pots and plant flowers from bulbs instead of using cut flowers. We suggest that after flowering, the bulbs are kept and the children replant them somewhere in their local community.

This symbolises a positive circle of action by children, standing as a contrast to the disadvantage experienced by the thousands of children supported by The Children's Society. 

Unfortunately, due to popular demand, our supply of Anemone corms has been exhausted and we will not receive a new batch in time for your Mothering Sunday celebrations. However anemone corms (or other bulbs) can be purchased at reasonable prices from most reputable DIY stores and garden centres and we do hope you will still choose to take part in this wonderful planting activity.