4 May- The debt trap

 Help us, Loving God, to see

beyond the smile of the child who misses weeks at school,

to the embarrassment of the parent who cannot afford their child's uniform.

Beyond the apology of the child who misses a friend’s birthday party,

to the parent who can’t afford a gift as they try to clear off a payday loan.

Beyond the bullying in the dinner hall of the child with too little for lunch,

to the ache in the parent who goes hungry for the sake of their child.

Help us, Loving God, to see beyond the stereotypes and statistics 

and inspire us to work to ease the burden on children and their families

trapped in seemingly never-ending debt.



11 May- In the breaking of bread

Based on Luke 24.13-35


How could we have been so foolish?

All that time with Jesus alongside, talking, listening, explaining, laughing,

and we didn’t know.

We didn’t notice the understanding in his eyes.

We didn’t identify the recognition in his conversation.

We didn’t hear the acceptance in his words.

Oh if we’d only know he was here with us.

There is so much we would say.

So much we could have asked.   [pause]


Lord, as we know you walk alongside us, help us to hear your answers, to see your presence, to accept your teaching as we journey with those for whom life’s journey is a struggle, a daily battle with despair and a search for your presence.



18 May- Intercessions

 We pray for all your children.


Creator God, we offer to you the hurt and stigma faced by parents in debt and despair. As they suffer from the demands of loan repayments and juggling spending, from the pressure of children’s ever-increasing needs and wants, we ask you, God who provides, to help us to bring about change so that we can move towards a world of fairness and justice.


Loving God, we offer you the lack of aspiration faced by children who are being brought up in homes where there is no money for essentials, where the stealth of debt pervades all aspects of life. We ask you, Lord, to bring hope and joy to people’s homes, to encourage us to speak out, to act and to demand change so that your children don’t face a life trapped in inherited debt.


25 May

Jesus who









Come now and








Give hope


So that we might be

Your hands

Your feet

Your heart

Your eyes

Your ears

Your mouth

Your hope

Your love.