These prayers are taken from our Lent resources.

Poverty of choice

Creator God, 

you made each one of us and love your creation. 

Give us the eyes of Jesus, 

to see the potential in every human being; 

give us courage to challenge the norms and taboos 

that enslave the poor 

and the strength to work for change 

with commitment and conviction. 

Through Jesus Christ, 

who was the voice of the poor 

and the defender of the weak.



Poverty of voice

Lord Jesus, man of Galilee, 

who heard the cry of the hungry 

and received the gift of a child, 

open our eyes to the needs of your children 

and our hearts to respond, 

so that the abundant gifts of the earth 

may be shared more fairly 

and all may marvel at your wonderful deeds.



Poverty of time

Lord, consecrate our time.

May we acknowledge your gift, 

and the opportunities you grant;

May we recognise the future that you want for us 

and the way we should go.

Show us the work we need and the rest we need, 

the time for activity and the time for waiting.

Awake or asleep, at rest or employed, Lord, 

consecrate our time. 



Poverty of hope

Lord of all hopefulness, 

you heard the cry of your people 

and led them to freedom, 

melt our hearts, 

that we may turn our attention 

to the overlooked and despairing, 

and seeing their need, bring them hope.



Poverty of relationship

Loving God, 

your Son, Jesus, declared that 

even the hairs of our head are all counted.

Draw us close to you 

so that your generous love 

may broaden our vision and 

be the foundation of all that we do, think and say.



Poverty of resources

Generous God,

source of our life and giver of every good gift, 

give us eyes to see you in the stranger, 

ears to hear the cry of the poor and needy 

and hearts filled with enough love to share 

even with those we will never meet.

This we ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, 

who came to save the lost 

and give them a place in the kingdom.