Photograph posed by models | © Shutterstock  Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of The Children's Society. You can find the prayers for the next month below, or available for download as a PDF.

We would encourage you to use the prayer in your personal devotions, in your church service, or by printing it in your church notice sheet.

However you use them, please do join us as we pray with and for children and young people.

7 September

Matt 18.15-20

We thank you, loving God, 

for being with all your children at the start of a new term.

We pray for your courage for all those who are afraid they will be bullied.

Your companionship for all those who find it hard to make friends.

Your strength for those parents struggling to cope with multiple demands.

Your wisdom for all teachers entrusted to share the gift of learning.

Your encouragement for all who support children in their daily lives.

Your renewing for all who are wearied by the challenges of life.

And we pray your blessing on those seeking to help those of your children who struggle to get to school. 

We make all these prayers in the name of Jesus.



14 September

Matt 18.21-35

You tell me Lord, to forgive, to forgive and to keep on forgiving.

How many times, Lord?

How many times am I supposed to forgive the people who upset me?

How many times am I supposed to forgive the people who wrong me, time and again?


Lord, give me a heart for your forgiveness when my heart is hardened.

Give me a heart for your love, when I feel as though I’ve got none to spare.

Give me a heart for taking risks, as you have taken risks before me.


Lord, when forgiveness is in short supply, remind me of your loving presence.

When children live lives of uncertainty and fear, help me to share your love.

When children are at risk of danger and neglect, help me to hear them, to speak out for them, to walk alongside them to make your kingdom come.



21 September

Matt 20.1-16 

Intercession ideas

Generous God,

We pray for those children who feel as though they are always the last to receive, the last to be seen, the last to be heard. 

We pray for those children who feel as though they are treated unfairly, with bias or with greed.

We pray for those parents who feel as though, no matter how hard they work, they never get a fair day’s pay for their efforts.

We pray for those who never even make it to the workplace. For young people for whom a hopeless childhood leads to a hopeless future.

God our loving Father, who provides for our needs,

Help us to see the needs of others and ensure a fair distribution so that all have what they need, to flourish and to grow.


28 September

Matt 21.23-32 

Not now, Lord.

So busy. Too much to do. Don’t ask me now, Lord.

Family to sort. Kids to run around. Don’t ask me now, Lord.

Looking for work. Juggling bills. Don’t ask me now, Lord.

Babies. Bottles. Nappies. Sleep. Don’t ask me now, Lord.


Children are suffering, nowhere to go. If not now, when, Lord?

Parents are struggling, nowhere to turn. If not now, when, Lord?

Food or heating. What is the priority? If not now, when, Lord?

When do we help others? If not now, when, Lord?


Help us, Lord who has time for all your children, to make time, 

to do what we say we’ll do, to be there, to listen, 

to risk, to support, to encourage. 

Lord, as we say yes to you, help us to say yes to your people.