Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of The Children's Society.

You can find the prayers for the month below, or available for download as a PDF. You may also be interested in our past prayers.

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We would encourage you to use the prayer in your personal devotions, in your church service, or by printing it in your church notice sheet.

However you use them, please do join us as we pray with and for children and young people.


2 November

A prayer reflecting on the images of Bonfire Night.

Fireworks dash through the sky, blazing with colour,

Sparklers crackle in the darkness,

Catherine wheels whizz showering light everywhere.

As we see the patterns in the night sky we remember the darkness that many children live in.

We lift these children to you.

As we watch the Catherine Wheel spin we remember those who work to shower light into the lives of these children.

We ask you to bless them with strength.

As we watch the fireworks we recognise that we can blaze colour into the lives of children in need.

We ask you to open our eyes to the opportunities to do this.

In your name we pray.



9 November

Based on Psalm 70.

Lord we acknowledge that, for many, childhood is a painful and confusing time.

Challenge us to act and pray to change this.  

As your church may we work to support and help children:

Campaigning on debt,

Providing meals for those who are hungry,

Easing the burden on young carers.

As your church may we always hold children in prayer:

Praying for children trapped in poverty,

Praying for those who have run away from home,

Praying for children seeking asylum,

Help us to combine action and prayer as we seek to make a difference in children’s lives today.



16 November

This prayer uses the words of 1 Thessalonians 5.11 which could be used as a response in corporate worship or as a refrain in private reflection.

We pray for all those involved in parenting,

For parents and carers nurturing and guiding their children,

May we encourage one another and build each other up.

For those fostering children providing a safe and stable home environment,

May we encourage one another and build each other up.

For those in the adoption process excited and yet daunted by the journey ahead,

May we encourage one another and build each other up.

For grandparents providing essential care and guidance,

May we encourage one another and build each other up.

For children’s centres, schools, health professionals and churches providing much needed support,

May we encourage one another and build each other up.



23 November

Based on Matthew 25.31-46

Lord you challenge us to recognise you in the vulnerable:

In the neglected child, hungry and poorly clothed;

In the lonely child needing an opportunity to play;

In the runaway child looking for someone to trust;

In the child trapped in poverty searching for a brighter future.

Open our eyes to see them.

Give us the courage to stand beside them.

Bless us with the strength to make a difference.

In your name