Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of The Children's Society.

You can find the prayers for this month below, or available as a pdf. You may also be interested in our past prayers and our prayers on topical issues.

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We would encourage you to use the prayer in your personal devotions, in your church service, or by printing it in your church notice sheet.

However you use them, please do join us as we pray with and for children and young people.

4 September

A prayer linked to our Good Childhood Report.

Loving God, we know every child matters to you.
May children for whom family life is hard, know your loving presence.
May children living in poverty, know your abundant provision.
May children who are struggling with mental health problems, know your healing power.
May children with concerns about their appearance, know your unconditional love.
May children who feel unsafe in their local area, know your safe refuge for them.
May children who are unhappy at school, know your inclusive community.
May we all listen to the voices of your children, hear their need and respond, so that all may flourish and enjoy a good childhood.


11 September

A prayer based on Psalm 14

you look down from heaven,
and you see us,
the children of earth.

You look to see if there is anyone who is wise.
We seek your council and wisdom.
You look to see if any one seeks after you.
We seek your perspective

May it not be said of us that we have turned our backs on you,
or that there is no-one who does good; no, not one.

But when we fall short,
you are our refuge,
you are the refuge of the poor.

18 September

A  prayer based on Jeremiah 8.18-9.1

God in the grief,
when our joy is gone,
and our hearts are sick.
Hear our cry!
‘Is the Lord not in Zion?
Is her King not in her?’

We carry the hurt of the poor and neglected.
Their pain is ours,
why has their health not been restored?

O that our heads were a spring of water,
and our eyes a fountain of tears,
so that I might weep day and night
for the poor and neglected!

25 September

A prayer based on 1 Timothy 6.6-19

Great provider,
We know we brought nothing into the world,
and we can take nothing out of it.

Grant us contentment with food,
and discontent with another’s hunger.
Grant us contentment with clothing,
and discontent with another’s nakedness.
Grant us contentment with shelter,
and discontent with another’s homelessness.

We know that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
Keep us alert to the subtle temptation of wealth.
Give us open hands to receive and share.
Let us always seek first your kingdom.
We make this prayer in the name of your son, who challenges our complacency.