Each Sunday we offer a prayer reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of The Children's Society.

You can find the prayers for the month below, or available as a pdf. You may also be interested in our past prayers and our prayers on topical issues.

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We would encourage you to use the prayer in your personal devotions, in your church service, or by printing it in your church notice sheet.

However you use them, please do join us as we pray with and for children and young people.


 4 October

Based on Mark 10.13-16

We read that Jesus wanted the children to be near him. We pray together as children of God, to our Father for his blessing. 

Give us love in our hearts, kindness in our words and joy in our actions. 

Help us to bring glory to you with our hands and feet, our minds and our mouths. 

We pray for those families and children who need extra help. Give us opportunities to bless them in your name. 

We ask that you surround them with your love and protection today. 

Help us not to get in the way of each other from coming to you. 

Help us to encourage and support one another, to give our fears to you and to rest in your peace. 



 11 October 

Based on Job 23.1-9 and Psalm 22.1-5

We come to you as individuals. 

We come to you as your children.

We come to you with our own struggles and situations.

We come to you carrying hurts and secrets.

We come to you with worries and cares.

We come to you with doubts and concerns.

We come to you looking at the world around us and feeling overwhelmed. 

We come to you worn from the week behind us, tired for the week ahead.

We come to you just as we are.

We come to you.

We come to the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

We come to you trusting that you are in those places, in those situations and with us.

We come to you professing the truth which we know, even when our hearts are clouded. 

We come to you saying: you are God.

     In every place, in every joy and in every hurt.

You are God. 

     In all our weakness; In all your faithfulness.

We come to you to lay down our struggles and to receive your peace, your guidance and your hope.

We come to you in faith and penitence today and each day.



18 October 

Based on Job 38.4-7 and Psalm 104

Take a moment of silence.

Think of a place you have been where there was a view so wide you could barely see the end of it. Perhaps you were on a hill, or by the sea, or high up in a building, on a boat or in a plane.

Breathe deeply and remember the sounds, the smells which surrounded you.

Remember how it feels to be in that place, to be surrounded by nature, by people, by the variety of our world. Spend a few more moments individually thanking God that his love is so much bigger than we can even begin to understand.


Almighty God, we are in awe of you.

We thank you that no matter where we go, you are there with us. 

We are each so tiny on this Earth, and yet you know and love each one of us.

Thank You for entrusting us with what you have made. Help us to look after it better.

We are sorry for the ways we have treated the beauty and nature around us. 

We are sorry for the times we have hurt your creation, hurt others and hurt you.

Forgive us, we ask. Help us to have more love and compassion and a stronger desire to care for the nature and people around us.

We ask for opportunities to be brave, to be kind and to make a difference. 

Help us to see you in the world and in the people around us, and to love them like you do.



25 October

Based on Psalm 19.7-14

Lord, your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.

It is not easy to read words which challenge us. 

But we know that you love us so much that you want the best for us. Help us to read your word with an open heart.

It is not easy to read how you want us to be with others. 

Help us to love everyone as you love them and to turn to you for help when we are struggling to do that.

It is not easy to read stories of people in the past and understand them.

Help us to see and hear what the lives of those people mean for us. Help us to learn from you, through them.

It is not easy to put aside time to be with you and read your word. 

Remind us that you are constant, no matter the situation we’re in, or the feelings we have.

Help us to grow in relationship with you, so that we will desire to spend time in your presence and with your word even more. Remind us that you have felt every emotion and understand our hearts.

It is not easy to share our lives or our faith with others.

Fill us with your words and your Spirit that we might be able to share as you have asked us to. Give us courage to speak and to live those words.

It is not easy to fully grasp what Jesus did for us. 

Remind us again of your mercy, your grace and your forgiveness. Remind us that we are forgiven. Remind us that you will never stop loving us.