1 June, for Volunteers' Week

Dear Lord,

Help us to see and know your glory in the hearts and lives of those around us.

Give us the grace to see that in the simple acts of kindness and caring,

of mercy and compassion,

in the tireless care of the vulnerable and innocent your purpose and glory is made manifest.

Give us strength always to choose to do right, that we may grow in holiness, and discover the wonder of eternal glory. 



8 June, Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit

be the Comforter of

the child facing an uncertain future

the child reaching out for a guiding hand

the child seeking reassurance 

the child longing for love and comfort.


Come Holy Spirit 

be the Advocate of 

the child in need of food

the child in need of dignity

the child in need of rights 

the child in need of hope 

the child who needs a friend. 


Come Holy Spirit 

be the Intercessor of 

the child who is forgotten

the child who cannot be seen

the child who cannot be heard

the child in need of a voice

the child who cannot find words to pray.


Come Holy Spirit

Descend upon the lives of children who know only of chaos and instability at this time.

Be with them

breathe upon them

give them peace

work with them and those who help them

never leave them

be their guide

bless them always. Amen.


15 June, Trinity Sunday

God, our Eternal Parent and Creator,

In whom we know of greatness, majesty, strength and might.

God the Son, the Beloved Redeemer, in whom we know of love, 

self-giving, forgiveness and eternal embrace.

God the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life through whom we are bestowed 

with gifts and peace, and gentleness.

Holy Trinity, surround us with your dynamic love. 

One in Three and Three in One, teach us to be one.

Unite us all in loving relationship,

young and old,

that we may open to receive,

ready to give,

and at ease to serve. 



22 June

Almighty Lord,

we thank you that you call us to be your disciples.

Help us to love you above all things.

And that in loving you,

we may love others like you love them.

Give us servant hearts.

Especially hearts willing to serve those who are the most vulnerable in our society.

Help us to lift up the broken,

to defend the weak,

to speak out for the poor,

to protect the child.

Give us the courage to lose our life for the sake of others,

that we may find life for your sake. 



29 June, Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Jesus who calls us to trust in you,

let us never forget how you used the example

of the faith and trust of little children

as enough to enter the kingdom of heaven.

As we celebrate the great faith and witness of the Apostles,

we pray for those who have been damaged and let down by adults in the past.

Help us to protect the faith and trust of children and

give us the skills and knowledge, 

the gentleness and care,

to provide them with all they need to heal,

to grow in faith and trust.