6 July

Dear Lord,

Help us to see and know your glory in the hearts and lives of those around us.

Give us the grace to see that in the simple acts of kindness and caring,

of mercy and compassion,

in the tireless care of the vulnerable and innocent your purpose and glory is made manifest.

Give us strength always to choose to do right, that we may grow in holiness, and discover the wonder of eternal glory. 


13 July

Lord, you have given us this planet as our birthright, yet we easily sell it like Esau did his as we take part in a throwaway society and an economic system which cares nothing for our planet.

Lord, have mercy on us as we try to build a future in harmony with your creation.

Lord, have mercy on us for the wars and injustice when we forget that we all brothers and sisters in you.

Lord, have mercy on us when we forget that your Word is our birth right as we let cares of the world and the lure of wealth choke your Word.

20 July

Lord Jesus Christ, creation groans, and we groan too, as try to live up to the call you have given to us to love and serve you in all people.

Lord, when we wrestle with you all night, let us have the humility to submit.

Lord, when we run from you, let us be open to the times when you want to search us and try us in your love that will never let us go.

Lord, when we are quick, to judge let us wait for your wisdom to discern the darnel and the wheat in our lives.

27 July

Jesus, our teenagers are fed a media diet that says that money and fame are the meanings of life rather than striving to live by the values that last eternally.

Grant a new vision to our young people,

For the girls whose self-worth and self-image is corrupted by media images of glamour,

For the boys who are fed a corrupted image of girls by the lads mag culture.

For those who think the celebrity lifestyle is their real goal. 

For those mocked for their clothes and for all who do not fit in.

For those who struggle to live a life which seems to demand the latest in everything.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.