Greenbelt festivalWe are very proud to be an associate partner of Greenbelt, the Christian festival of arts, faith and justice.

We’ll be joining them again from 28-31 August in Northamptonshire. This year we'll be campaigning to protect the most vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds from abuse, harm and neglect. Join us in the G-Source to find out more.

Our previous campaigns

Thousands of Greenbelters have joined our campaigns over the last four years, making a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

In 2013, hundreds of you dressed up as dinner ladies to join our Fair and Square campaign for every child living in poverty gets a free school meal. We were delighted by the news that the government is extending free school meals to all infant children.

In 2011 and 2012 we campaigned to Make Runaways Safe, asking the government to ensure that children and young people who go run away from home have a safety net.

Thanks to your support, more than 30 councils have signed up to the Runaways Charter and are working to make runaways safe, changing unhelpful attitudes towards young people and ensuring they can find the services they need. This has made a real difference to young people who run away.

Please join our campaigns now if you haven’t already done so, and watch our videos from previous years.

Greenbelt 2012

Greenbelt 2011