Jesus spent his life and ministry breaking down barriers and speaking out against all that made people less than human. 

Bishop Tim Stevens pledges his support for our Make Runaways Safe campaign

As an organisation we are committed to doing the same. Our work isn’t just about providing a sticking plaster when things go wrong for children. We are committed to speaking out to local councils and government to mend the systems that trap children in vicious cycles of disadvantage and neglect. 

We have prayers, church magazine articles, and worship materials supporting our current campaigns. Use these to bring the issues before God and to inspire your congregation to speak out for lasting change. 

Seriously Awkward

Our Seriously Awkward campaign reveals that because of their age, the most vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds are falling through the cracks of childhood and adulthood. They are being let down by the law and not getting the same basic protections as younger children to keep them safe.

You can sign our petition, calling on the Government to change the law to ensure 16 and 17 year olds are fully protected when they are at risk of harm, abuse or neglect.

Read our theology papers which discuss the issues behind the campaign.

The Debt Trap

The vast majority of parents try to build normal lives for their children, but too often unmanageable debt wrecks their efforts. A simple setback can push families into The Debt Trap.

Two parents and three children standing in front of their house

Get involved in The Debt Trap

Debt can damage a child’s mental and physical health. It can undermine relationships with peers and their school experiences, and cause long-term harm to a child’s life. 

Please join us, the Archbishop of York and more leaders in support our campaign. 

Read about the theology related to the campaign and use our Bible studies and worship materials to explore the issues.

Find out how you can get involved in The Debt Trap.

Behind cold doors

More than three million families are likely to cut back on food so they can pay their energy bills this winter.

Please join us in asking the government to ensure no child’s health suffers because of a cold home, and use our church magazine article to ask others to do the same.

End Forced Destitution

The asylum system often lets down young people and their families, leaving them vulnerable and forced to survive far below the poverty line.

Learn more about our End Forced Destitution campaign, or use our video and leaflet to get your church involved.

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