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In your church

We are a social justice organisation, and we are founded on and driven by our Christian values.

From our history in the vision and actions of a young Sunday school teacher at the end of the nineteenth century, our work has been grounded in the churches at local and national levels. The churches constitute our core partners.

We work very closely with the Church of England, and we are proud to work with all the major denominations and with other faiths as part of a movement for change.

We hope that you will join us as we seek to realise our vision of a world where all children and young people are respected, valued and heard.

Greenbelt 2016

We can't wait to get back to the (hopefully) sun-soaked Boughton House for this year's Greenbelt festival. We are busy planning and preparing our presence for this year, whatever the weather.

At this year's Greenbelt, visit us in G Source and at our seminars - we can talk about the latest ways to partner with us to ensure that we live in a country where children are free from disadvantage. Find out the impact Greenbelt has had for young people in previous years.


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Follow us on @ChildSocChurch for news and resources from our churches team.

Two girls holding candles

Prayers to your inbox

We are proud to work in close partnership with all churches, and we are committed to equipping and inspiring people of faith.

a girl and boy holding Christingles

Fundraising in your church

We have resources to inspire your congregation and friends to support vulnerable children and young people.

a child speaking with two adults


Behind our work with the most disadvantaged children lies a vision that sees vulnerable children as central to God’s love.

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Pray, worship and reflect

Our materials can help you and your church to pray, worship and reflect.

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Volunteering with your church

There are many ways you can volunteer, including some roles that are distinctly tied to churches.

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Campaigning in your church

As an organisation we are committed to breaking down barriers and speaking out against all that makes people less than human.

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Our monthly reflections are ideal for personal reflection, for introduction to a small group, or for your church magazine.

Prayers to your inbox

Prayers to your inbox

two girls holding candles

We are proud to work in close partnership with churches of many denominations and we are committed to equipping and inspiring people of faith.

As part of our work, we have a monthly prayer email to help you and your church pray for vulnerable children and young people.