Michelle is a young person with cerebral palsy. She approached The Children's Society for help to get out and do the kind of socialising other teenagers often take for granted.

She was matched with two volunteers close to her own age, who spent time with her taking her out on activities and trips, and supporting her to socialise with other young people. Michelle found the support of her volunteers made a big difference to her and her family.

'It gave me the chance to get out of the house. I like going to the cinema and socialising. My mum said that it gave her more time to spend with my brothers and sisters.'

Michelle enjoyed spending time with and getting to know her volunteers, and has some great memories of their time together.

'My favourite memory was when we went to the cinema to see Dear John. I’d seen it before, but the girls hadn't and they both cried!'

The volunteers supporting Michelle saw her grown in confidence and in her ability to relate and talk to other people. Michelle found the experience hugely beneficial and helped her achieve her original aims.

'I had fun, it made me happy and I am really glad that I met the girls.'

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