There are many rewards for people giving up their time to volunteer with children and young people. Whether it's a growth in your own confidence, skills and knowledge, or the feeling of satisfaction from knowing you have really made a difference.

Some of our volunteers explain more, in their own words:

'It gave me the opportunity to contribute to society and support vulnerable children within a protected environment. The joy and satisfaction I received from being able to play my part in society and to see the development of my mentee is hard to describe.'

'I have got to know someone really well and have a positive relationship with my young person. The different perspective on life has helped my own family grow and given them different perspectives in life.'

'A new, totally different challenge. Learned new things from the training. Now understand far more about vulnerable and disadvantage people. Volunteering in a one-to-one relationship is very rewarding.'

'I have enjoyed the experience immensely and would defiantly do it again and recommend others to give it a go.'

'The commitment and passion of the staff is / was inspiring, they made me feel inclusive and valued in the time I participated on the project.'

'Knowing you can make a difference to someone’s life. A young person who has problems forming relationships and being consistent enough for them to trust you.'

You could make a difference to a child or young person's life - volunteer for
The Children's Society.