Resources for volunteer speakers

Thank you for all the work you do as a volunteer speaker. Your energy and enthusiasm are really valuable in helping to raise awareness and support of our work with vulnerable children.

We have a selection of resources to help you give inspiring talks.

These resources include:

  • Our updated speaker pack with presentation cards and PowerPoint slides. Speak to your regional fundraiser if you do not have one. (Read an excerpt from the pack.)
  • A poster to display in on notice boards, in church or community centres to help get more bookings.
  • A speaker feedback form which must be completed after every talk to give us a record of who has received a talk.

New resources

Additional resources

For other resources such as t-shirts, houseboxes and balloons, please get in touch with your regional fundraiser. (If you're unsure of how to do this, contact our Supporter Care team - call 0300 303 7000 or email

If you are not a volunteer speaker, please learn how you can apply to become one

Excerpt from speaker pack

What follows is a passage of our speaker pack. To get the full text, please contact your regional fundraiser.

Children’s talk suggestions

They’re not mini-adults!

Even when they are bored, adults are usually polite enough to look engaged. Children get distracted easily! Keep their attention:

  • Be visual – a picture or object can help to hold attention. Producing objects out of a bag will help create anticipation.
  • Use your voice – If you’re telling a story, give each character a different accent; vary the pace of your delivery; use whispers or silence to build a dramatic pause.
  • Invite participation – can something be acted out? Does something need to be held up or passed around? Can you incorporate a game or activity? With older children, invite discussion about how they might respond.
  • And smile!