Do you enjoy giving talks and presentations? If so, you may want to consider becoming a speaker for The Children’s Society. Each of our volunteer speakers plays a highly valued role in raising awareness and support for our work.

Speakers use their skills and passion to reach out to audiences young and old in their community, and inspire them with our work with children facing poverty, neglect or family crisis.

Being a speaker will involve giving talks to groups in your community to tell them about the issues disadvantaged young people face, and what The Children’s Society does to help.

If you are already a volunteer speaker, please access resources to support your work.

What are the benefits to becoming a speaker?

There are several benefits to being a volunteer speaker. They include:

  • top-quality training, resources and ongoing support
  • opportunities to meet new people in your community, ranging from businesspeople to families at a Christingle service
  • the chance to gain new skills and self-confidence
  • the satisfaction of knowing you will be making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

What's more, the role is flexible to suit your commitments and interests. All we ask is that you aim to carry out at least four talks a year.

What our speakers say

Many of our speakers have been volunteering with us for several years. Read what they say about this role.

'What I enjoy about being a speaker is the challenge of engaging a group of people who are always different, the positive response afterwards, and the knowledge that I have helped some disadvantaged children.'

   - Catherine Jupp, volunteer speaker for nine years

'I enjoy meeting new people and the experience of talking to different groups.'

   - John Tipping, volunteer speaker for two years

'What I love about being a speaker is the opportunity to share the work of The Children’s Society, to raise awareness of the plight of many youngsters.'

   - Anne Brittain, volunteer speaker for seven years

'Being a speaker has given me more confidence when talking to audiences and it is always really fulfilling when people choose to donate to The Children’s Society after hearing my talk.'

   - Louise Garner, volunteer speaker for six months

'I believe passionately in the work of The Children's Society, and speaking enables me to share my passion and hopefully change people's perceptions for the better.'

   - Dave Farris, volunteer speaker for three years

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How you can become a volunteer speaker

For the details about becoming a volunteer speaker, please visit our volunteering pages

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer speaker.

Read more and get involved

Aelison has been giving talks about The Children's Society for over 15 years.

'Speaking about the charity’s work and achievements is something I feel I can do well and enjoy,' she explains. 'I'll talk at church services to encourage long-standing supporters to keep supporting us, or to groups such as mothers’ unions or secondary school children, who we hope will become our future supporters.'

'To research my talks I visit local projects and chat to the project workers. These visits enable me to talk with conviction about what people’s donations can achieve and inspire me.'

'I'm proud to be raising money for a charity I admire. The Children's Society works to tackle the root of the problems faced by children today – violence, abuse, discrimination – and campaigns for a better childhood for every child. Isn't that something worth talking about?'