Two children playing dress ups (c) The Children's Society

30 December - A prayer around 1 John 1:1-7 

Almighty God, who makes light shine in darkness,
And who sent his Son Jesus Christ that we might
know your unfailing love and constant hope; 
kindle within us a deeper love for you; 
grant us your compassion for the children in our care. 

Banish the fear from the hearts of our children 
and enable us to see your image in the face of every child; 
that guided  by your presence and peace, 
we may impart your joy to them, 
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, 


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16 December - Third Sunday of Advent

A prayer around Luke 3:7-18

Lord who calls us to repentance, 
in the sharing of our wealth,
the rejection of greed 
and the bearing of good fruit;
Help us to be a light in your world,
through reckless generosity,
selfless service,
and a desire to be good news
to all your children.


9 December - Second Sunday of Advent

A prayer of thanks for the messengers (Malachi 3:1-4; Luke 3:1-6)

Dear God 

Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus
Help me to share his message of good news to all.
Thank you for my talents and abilities 
Help me to use them wisely and generously.
Thank you for your message of freedom and liberty for all
Help me to stand firm for justice and truth.
Thank you for your peace and hope
Help me to speak words of encouragement to others.
Thank you for making me a gift to others
Help me to show them acts of kindness and compassion.
Thank you for your messengers
Help us to share your love boldly and confidently.  


(Revd Cham Kaur-Mann)

2 December - A prayer for Advent Sunday

Loving God,
As we light our advent candles
set our hearts on fire once again with the light of your love
So that we might shine boldly as lights in the darkness
bringing your love and justice to all those we meet.


Paula Gooder

Sunday 25 November - A prayer celebrating the gifts of children (Sandra Millar, Festivals Together, SPCK: 2012, p94)

Jesus, child of Mary, light from God,
Help us to share the gifts of children,
To recognise that every child matters,
And bring hope to children in need,
So that every man, woman and child
May know your blessing
And shine as lights in the world
To the glory of God


Sunday 18 November 

Prayer for use with children (Sandra Millar, Children’s Officer, Diocese of Gloucester)

Invite people to stand use both arms to make a large circle in front of themselves. Make the circle several times.

Loving God, we remember all the children of the world. You know and care for each one, those who are happy and those who are sad. We pray especially for children who are hungry and homeless, frightened or alone. We pray for all those who are working to help make a difference. Lord hear our prayer
All: please

Invite people to use one hand to make a circle in front of themselves.

Loving God, we remember all the children in our community. We pray for all those places where children go, our schools, playgroups, churches, surgeries, leisure centres. We ask you to help children learn well and play well, and ask you to give wisdom to those who help them. Lord hear our prayer
All: please

Invite people to use one hand to make a circle the size of their face.

Loving God, we pray for those children we know well, our families and our friends. We pray for families in difficulties and ask that you help them to know your peace. Lord hear our prayer
All: please

Invite people to make a small circle using finger and thumb.

Loving God, we pray for ourselves, and ask you to help us to follow you more closely each day. Help each one of us to remember that every person of every age is special and to share your love with those we meet. Lord hear our prayer
All: please

Sunday November 11 - Psalm 146

God, who executes justice for the oppressed,
We hold before you all children whose voices we do not hear:

The invisible one, whose family cannot afford the costs of her disability;
The hungry one, denied both breakfast and a free school meal;
The frightened one, fleeing terror, seeking asylum, and who does not understand the process. 

God, who watches over the stranger, 
Who upholds the widow and the orphan,
May we uphold them too.

For happy is the one whose hope is in the way of the Lord,
Who lifts up all who are bowed down

Sunday 4 November  - Mark 12:28-34

Holy God, trinity of life,
Assure us of your love for us
So that we are set free to love one another,
And to recognise as our neighbour
The outcast, the neglected,
The asylum seeker, the runaway.
Give us faith to see all people as your children
And all children as your people,
And to make our only goal one of love,
For it is in the unfolding of love
That we are told the kingdom of God comes near,
And that is more important than burnt offerings or sacrifice.