Leaves of Life can take place in any church, school or children's group.

Church and children's groups

Leaves of Life gives children the opportunity to explore the gospel message of new life and what makes for a good childhood. We provide Leaves of Life bible stories, reflections and prayers which you can use to engage children in worship and the life of your church.

You can also involve your local children's groups such as cubs, brownies and mother and toddler groups.


The Leaves of Life brochure contains a special school section, providing ideas, activities and resources that teachers can use. The school activities can provide links to PSHE and SMSCD subjects and are not time-consuming for teachers to use.

Leaves of Life encourages children to express the positives in their lives and identify what they would like to see change in their communities. This may assist in highlighting and tackling issues within the school such as bullying, or outside school concerns such as personal safety.

We have designed a reflection leaf that can be used instead of a prayer leaf for students from multi-faith or non-faith backgrounds.