In addition to our church and organisation supporters, we are fortunate to have well-known celebrities endorse our Fair and Square campaign.

Actors, singers and others have lent their support.
They include: Melanie Chisholm (Melanie C), Tina Hobley, Kym LomasTamzin Outhwaite and Charlotte Church.

Please read their endorsements.


Melanie Chisholm looking at cameraMelanie Chisholm (Melanie C)

'I found the Fair and Square report tough reading; for a third of all children in the UK school dinner is the main meal of the day, for some it’s the ONLY meal of the day.

'As a parent I feel we must protect these youngsters from cutbacks that could take that vital meal away.

'Please support The Children’s Society campaign – a square meal helps children learn, let’s help give them the chance of a decent education and a decent future.'

Official Melanie C website


Tina HobleyTina Hobley

'A lot of my job involves learning lines and research shows it's pretty difficult to concentrate and to learn if you haven’t had a decent lunch.

'It just seems fair to me that we should want our poorest children to have that free square meal.

'Fair and Square - I’m backing The Children’s Society campaign, I hope you will, too.'

Tina Hobley's website



Kym LomasKym Lomas

'We may be in a recession but it doesn’t seem fair that struggling, hardworking parents on a low wage are having to worry so much about whether their children can get a decent meal during the school day. Without proper food at lunchtime how can we expect these children to learn?

'With three children, two of them teenagers, I know how important it is that they get regular square meals – I’m backing the Fair and Square campaign to help make that a reality for all school children.'

Kym Lomas on


Tamzin OuthwaiteTamzin Outhwaite

'Being half Italian, food and healthy eating have always been important, especially now I have a little girl and another baby on the way. It just seems so wrong that for many children a school meal is the only nourishing meal of the day. Let’s at least make sure that all children in poverty have the right to that.

'Please support the Fair and Square campaign and help stop children going hungry in school.

Tamzin Outhwaite's website



Charlotte Church

'With two young children myself, when I learned from the Fair and Square report that 1.2 million children in poverty don’t get free school meals, I was shocked. That can’t be right.

'How do we expect these youngsters to pay attention and get an education that will help lift them out of poverty if they’re hungry? All credit to The Children’s Society for bringing this out into the open. It’s got to change.'

Website for Charlotte Church's music


What you can do

Please join our campaign today to ensure that young people receive a free school meal.

In addition, you can: