Whether you're a new or experienced runner, we have a wide range of running events for you, from 5K fun runs to iconic marathon. So put on your running shoes and sign up for one of our charity runs today!

5k runs

a runner wearing one of our jerseys

Are you a new runner looking to get your first race under your belt? 5k charity runs are the perfect way for you to start. And by doing a run for us you’ll be helping to support vulnerable children across the UK at the same time.

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10k runs

a runner

Want to push yourself as a runner? Running a 10k for charity can help test your running skills. 

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Half marathons

a runner in a big race

If you're running steadily and getting quicker and fitter, running ahalf marathon for charity can help build your endurance.

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runners in Paris

A marathon is for serious runners or those with a real point to prove. Running a marathon for charity is something special You can sign up for marathons in the UK or abroad.

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