Supporters of all ages and backgrounds are doing what they enjoy while raising money for us. We love how dedicated and active these wonderful fundraisers are.

Read about what inspires some of our top fundraisers to help our work:

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Charlotte Mulcock and members of her Youth Group at the fundraiser

Charlotte Mulcock, West Yorkshire

'One of your speakers recently gave a talk on the programme work done by you at our youth group. He was really inspiring, so we decided to do some fundraising. It was really good fun, so we are hoping to do more activities in the future and attend many more.'

Charlotte Mulcock recently hosted a Bake and Brew with her local youth group in order to raise funds for disadvantaged children in this country. Not only did they smash their £150 target, but also had such a good time that they're planning more events soon. Find out more by reading her blog.


Ian and Sheila Hinton stacking pennies in their church.

The Hintons, Cambridgeshire

What inspired you to fundraise?

'We wanted to take up the challenge of the DO campaign which offered a whole collection of fundraising ideas, so we decided to discuss these with our church members. This discussion sparked even more ideas, so we invited parish members to consider running a DO of their own choice, with the aim to complete a different DO each month.'

Dr Ian Hinton and his wife Sheila have been active supporters of The Children's Society for over 45 years. Having recently completed the fourth of their monthly DOs, they host wacky events which generate interest from their local press, helping them raise even more money to help children in this country. You can read more about their efforts on Dr Hinton's blog.


Ryan along with other fundraisers

Ryan Brewer, North Somerset

What did you enjoy most about your fundraising?

'The positive feedback from the public made all the hard work worthwhile. More so, the excitement in the children's eyes when they saw their face painted was magical.'

Ryan recently staged a face painting fundraising event at his local shopping centre in support of our work, raising £171. You can read his blog in which he shares his fantastic tips about fundraising in a public space.


Lana Furness outside her home in a TCS tshirt

Lana Furness, Cambridgeshire

What inspired you to fundraise on behalf of the Children’s Society?

'I chose The Children's Society because I knew I wanted to help other children but didn't know how. My mum helped me look up children's charities and we found The Children's Society. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for, which was a charity that helped kids whose lives are maybe not always happy or safe.'

Lana is hoping to raise £1000 in support of our work. She recently gave up sweets though her next projects include a sponsored cycle and sponsored swim in her home town.

You can read more about Lana's fundraising by reading her blog.


Sue Langley

Sue Langley, Worcestershire

What type of events do you like to do or organise?

Big ones where everyone can have lots of fun, such as putting on a musical show or one we called the Mad Hatters' baking event, where people can dress up, be a bit silly and enjoy themselves.

What about The Children's Society makes you get up and do something for us?

I have never been blessed with children and I love them, so it is one of the ways in which I can 'do my bit' for, if not for my own, the children of the world.

Do you have a top fundraising tip? 

Total passion! Give it your all, believe that you will succeed no matter how big the challenge – and recruit lots of helpers, you can’t do it all by yourself. 

Think of yourself as the orchestra leader. You may not know how to play all of the instruments required in an orchestra but you know how the tune goes and you are the one who keeps all instruments working in harmony together.


Bryony Burman-Day

Bryony Burman-Day, Gloucestershire

What type of events do you like to do or organise?

I like to do challenge events. I love riding my bike, running and swimming so it’s great to do the things I love and raise some money for The Children's Society as well.

When I was three years old I walked three miles in a sponsored walk and raised over £200. This summer I cycled 35 miles along our local canal in one day with my dad and raised £106. It was hard and a very hot day but I was determined because I wanted to feel good about reaching the finish and raising lots of money.

I also did my first triathlon this year and managed to raise £121.

What about The Children's Society makes you get up and do something for us?

Sometimes children do not have anyone who really cares for them and so I want to help them.

My mummy works for The Children's Society and tells me stories of the children that they help who do not have much money, are scared and frighten because people hurt them. I don't think that is right, but I am glad that The Children's Society is there for those children.

I want to help children who don't have happy families and who do not get the chances I do.

Do you have a top fundraising tip? 

Do something you enjoy and turn it into a fundraising event. Then ask everyone you know - parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends - for donations. It is always best to do things for charity.


Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones, London

What type of events do you like to do or organise?

I like to do events that my friends would like, so I've organised a pub quiz and an office international food day so far and also helped out at a friend’s carol singing event – all great fun and not too much to organise if you get a few helpers.

What about The Children's Society makes you get up and fundraise for us?

I've supported The Children’s Society for several years. I'm impressed with how they take a view of the whole experience for children in need of extra support. In the case of young carers they work with the whole family. They also work to educate teachers, politicians and other influencers on how they can provide support to these young people and to have the opportunities they deserve.  

Do you have a top fundraising tip? 

Get everyone excited about the event before, during and after. Empower them with roles like the 'collector' (for carol singing events), the 'super raffle ticket seller' (quiz night) or the 'champion cook' (food day) they didn't know they were!