A fundraising event can come in any shape or size. It is all about doing something you enjoy and raising money while you do it. The possibilities are endless - so use your imagination and get creative.

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Ideas for your event

We've gathered a few ideas of fundraising events, or suggestions that might prompt you to think of something you'd rather do.

The ideas include: 


two girls making crafts

Crafty event

Hire a local hall and ask local craftspeople, bakers and traders to take a stand for a small charge and donate an item from their stall for a raffle. We can provide free branded materials and advice on advertising your event.

Fundraising potential: Charge a small entry fee and serve refreshments. You could raise over £500.


Play time

Get some jelly and ice cream, balloons and party games, and invite all the children in your family or community to a fun event for kids of all ages (even grown up ones).

Fundraising potential: Ask families to donate to join in the fun and set up a stall selling delights such as homemade lemonade or popcorn. You could expect to raise around £150. 

five people on a walk

Walk and explore event

A great way for families to explore your community together. Plan a circular route starting at a local park or church hall. We can help with materials to advertise your walk, sponsor forms and advice on health & safety. Don’t forget to gain permission from landowners and the local council. 

Fundraising potential: Ask people to pay a fee to enter in advance and raise sponsorship. You could raise over £1000.



Speak to your local club to gain their support, they may be able to offer you a special rate for teams to take part on the day and help with catering costs. Recruit teams from surrounding clubs, and advertise the event locally.

Your local Rotary, Freemasons and other groups may wish to enter a team. Offer a package, including bacon butties, on arrival and a buffet at the finish to award the prizes. You could open up the evening do to friends and family of the golfers and hold a raffle or auction. 

Fundraising potential: Depending on the size of your event, you could raise around £5000.


Pudding party

Ask friends and family to help by making large portions of their favourite puddings and desserts. Hold the party at home or at a local community hall and sell tickets in advance. Guests get to try each of their favourites – yum! Auction each pudding to be delivered to the highest bidder at a future date. 

Fundraising potential: Pudding parties can raise around £250. Throw in a chocolate raffle and you could see another £50-100 roll in. 


three boys with guitars


Kids and adults love singing. So invite them to release their inner diva with a fun karaoke party. Make sure you ask everyone who attends to give a donation to take part. Who will have The X Factor? And who will get booed off the stage?

Fundraising potential: Ask singers to donate to take the stage and audience member to listen and vote. You could also sell goodies such as inflatable microphones or afro wigs, bought cheaply online.



Hold your own 12-hour tournament and ask friends, colleagues and local pubs and businesses to enter a team. Players are sponsored to take part. You could even make it an overnight event.

Fundraising potential: If each team raised £200, you could get an amazing £2000.


Car boot event

Everyone loves a bargain. Speak to local landowners who may be willing to donate use of their site for a good cause and encourage people to take a pitch and have a good old clear out.

Fundraising potential: Sell pitches in advance or on the day for £10, and charge an entry fee. You could raise over £300, especially if you had a BBQ on the go.


five fundraisers wearing The Children's Society clothing

Dance show

Invite local dance schools to perform at a show in your local community or school hall. Sell tickets in advance to parents and organise sales of refreshments and raffle tickets on the night. 

Fundraising potential: This type of event could raise over £500. You could also invite local businesses to have a stall at the venue and ask for a percentage of their proceeds. 


Carol singing

It's not too early to start planning a carol singing event. Sing your heart out with family, friends, colleagues or neighbours and get in the festive spirit together.

You could sing around the local Christmas tree, spread the cheer door-to-door or hold a carol singing talent competition at your local community centre.

Visit our carol singing pages to find more information.