Did you know the average Briton has £15 of loose change hanging around in their pocket, down their sofa or in their drawer? That’s over £600 million lying around in our homes waiting to be collected.

Collection of five house boxes from several decades

For over 100 years, an army of over 100,000 amazing people generate almost £2m to help change children’s lives – all by collecting their loose change.

Our collection box scheme is one of our most powerful legacies, featuring our army of over 100,000 amazing people collecting loose change. Together, they generate almost £2 million a year to help change children’s lives.

This amazing scheme is held together by our inspirational box coordinators. They are some of our longest-serving volunteers, and their box networks can generate £2,500 in their lifetime.

There are two ways you can get involved

Become an Individual Box Holder

Simply order your box to sit on your desk at work or somewhere safe in your home and start collecting your loose change. We will remind you to empty it twice a year.

Become a Box Coordinator

As a box coordinator for our organisation, you will:

  • Inspire a group of box holders to collect their loose change for vulnerable children and act as our local representative
  • Mobilise your family, friends, colleagues or fellow church members to join the powerful army of supporters and take a collection box for their home or workplace
  • Gather your amazing network to collect their donations once or twice a year, sending their donations back to us and keeping us informed about changes to your group.

Volunteering to fundraise for our organisation is a wonderful way to change the stories of thousands of this country’s most disadvantaged children and teenagers.

Find out more about becoming a box coordinator, or join in today.