Find what you need to plan and fundraise for your Christingle celebration.

We have a collection of top tips to make your Christingle celebration fun for everyone involved, tools to support your fundraising, as well as a wealth of free resources to support your Christingle event.

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Visit our resource centre for your free Christingle resources.

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Top tips for planning 

Use our collection of top tips to make your event a big success.

We have advice on choosing a date, location and format for your celebration, as well as guidance on promoting your event. Whether your service is traditional, contemporary or messy, we offer suggestions for worship and other activities to make your Christingle an event that’s memorable and fun for all.

Use our top tips 


The money raised by your Christingle will help us to change the stories of children living in poverty across the country.  

To help us reach even more young people, be sure to order the resources you need to maximise the donations you collect at your event.

Where to get resources

Visit our resource centre for your free Christingle resources.

From service suggestions, to lesson plans and prayer activities, we have a wealth of resources available to support your Christingle event.

Where to pay in money raised

After your Christingle is complete, send money raised by post or at your local bank. 

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