For 46 years, churches and schools across the country have improved the lives of children in poverty by raising money at Christingle services.

Yet the problem of childhood poverty is still with us. By joining in Christingle celebrations and raising money at your local event, you help improve the lives of children who need our support.

girl speaking to an adult

The social and emotional consequences of poverty can be severe and often lead to a loss in the hope and belief that things can get better. We are spreading the message about these children's needs and are fighting for change.

With your support, we've helped fight childhood poverty for more than 130 years. Recently, we've seen the rates of children in poverty fall. As our chart illustrates, poverty has been falling recently but it is projected to rise to higher rates than ever in 2020/21. We refuse to stand back and let this happen.

A chart showing the rates of children in poverty from 1996-2020

The money you raise makes a difference to the lives of children and young people as we support them to make the story of their childhood a better one. For many of the children we work with, that means going from poverty to sufficiency, from stigma to acceptance, and from harm to safety.

This could not happen without your support and that of churches and schools up and down the country. Together, we’re making the greatest possible lasting change for children and their families.

Maya's Story


For the first six years of her life, Maya lived in extreme poverty. Her parents just couldn’t afford to pay for her school lunches or even shoes for her feet. She was noticeably underweight because she often went hungry and her development had dramatically stalled because she rarely attended a nursery or primary school.

One of the main reasons why Maya’s family was trapped in poverty was that their landlord was also Maya’s father’s employer. He paid an illegally low wage, harassed the family and threatened them with eviction. The family was vulnerable to this exploitation because they didn’t know their rights or where they could receive support to deal with this problem.

Thankfully, a teacher at Maya’s school got in touch with the local social services, which referred Maya’s family to a service we run. Since coming into contact with Maya's family, we have helped the family move into a new property, Maya’s dad has a new job and the family now receives the benefits they are entitled to.

Although Maya’s family still has money worries, her situation has improved significantly. Now she never misses school or goes hungry, and she smiles and laughs much more.

Spread the word

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