Christingle has been helping to change the lives of children for almost half a century

A young girl looking at the camera

Christingle has been bringing hope to thousands of children and young people for the past 48 years, providing vital support for our work. By taking part in Christingle this year, you can help us change the lives of even more children in need of our help.  

At The Children’s Society, we make it our mission to bring hope to children and young people during life’s most desperate moments, helping them to build a better future. The funds raised at Christingle celebrations across the country are absolutely vital in helping us to continue this work. 

Making children's voices heard

Right now, more than 118,000 children and young people are facing issues of hardship, abuse and neglect which are ruining their childhoods and future prospects. Issues like; poverty and neglect, sexual exploitation, substance misuse and mental health. The funds raised at Christingle events are vital in helping us to continue tackling these issues, raising over £1 million each year.

By providing direct support we have been able to help thousands of children and young people move on from the effects of suffering harm and abuse, to taking positive steps in their lives. As well as our one-to-one support services, our research, policy and campaigns work focuses on lobbying government and influencing decision makers to ensure that all children are kept safe from harm and provided with the support they need to build their futures. 

We work with children and young people who are:

  • Already victims of, or in danger of being sexually exploited
  • Care leavers
  • Struggling with mental health issues
  • Running away from home or care
  • Drug and alcohol misusers
  • Young carers
  • Refugees and migrants

By holding a Christingle celebration, your church can give hope to these children. Here are just a few examples of the difference your support can make:

Someone to trust

Our drop-in centres give vulnerable children somewhere to turn, providing a safe space and people willing to listen to them and provide them with expert advice and guidance. For many of the young people we work with, meeting one of our project workers will be the first time they’ve had someone to confide in.

A fresh start

For lots of children and young people, as well as impacting them now, the issues and experiences they face can lead them to fall into a cycle that can hinder their future prospects. Having one of our highly trained project workers to talk to without fear of being judged means these children are free to move on without the burden of labels and stereotypes. 

Renewed confidence

We work with children and young people to uncover their skills and strengths, actively using our participation work and child-led initiatives to provide opportunities for them to grow. 

A stronger voice

The findings from our research with children and young people shape our campaigning and policy work to ensure that Government and key decision-makers are listening to the needs of the vulnerable. Our Children’s Commission on Poverty (CCP), Create a Change project and local campaigns help young people to be actively involved in influencing decisions that affect their lives.  

What you can do 

Read more about our work with children and young people or watch this video about our work.