Christingle provides a fantastic opportunity to bring your school together and help make the voices of vulnerable children heard 

School children holding Christingles

As well as being a great end of term event for your whole school to enjoy, the themes which surround Christingle are great for helping to engage and inspire pupils in RE lessons. 

Find out more about celebrating Christingle in your school.  

Christingle in the classroom

To help you make the most of the teaching opportunities that Christingle brings, we’ve created a number of resources for you to use with KS1, KS2 and KS3 pupils. The resources were written by our friend and colleague Gillian Georgiou, RE Adviser for the Diocese of Lincoln.

See our teaching resources.

Making your Christingle count

As well as inspiring your pupils to help other children, fundraising through your Christingle celebrations provides a practical way for your school to make a difference to children across the country.

We've gathered a handful of top ideas for fundraising at your school.

Give a collection candle to each pupil several weeks before your main Christingle celebration

This is a great way to help pupils play their part in helping children and sharing what they’ve learned with their families -  just be sure to remind pupils to bring them back! Alternatively, you could place one candle in each classroom and run a competition to see which class can fill their collection candle the greatest number of times.

Invite parents to your Christingle event and hold a collection during the celebration

Give out collection envelopes to parents either before or on the day of your Christingle celebration. You could send the envelopes out with your school newsletter and ask the children to bring them back in time for your celebration.

Hold a 'wear orange' day

Encourage staff and pupils to get into the Christingle spirit by switching their normal uniform for something orange. Ask everyone to make a donation of £2 and your school will soon have made a big difference to our work.