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A Big Summer DO is all about having fun with family, friends and all your loved ones and celebrating everything that is great about childhood.

To build your own Big Summer DO, we've broken down some key elements you'll need:

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Food and drink

A summer celebration would not be complete without fabulous food. Here are a few ideas to begin planning for guests' meals:

  • You could ask guests to bring a dish to share - put a collection tin on  the table and ask for a suggested donation of £5 for guests to indulge in a feast!
  • Designate a friend who loves to show off their BBQ skills and sell the smoky delights
  • Serve scones and cake at an afternoon tea - why not bake your own and charge £10 for a full afternoon tea, complete with cucumber finger sandwiches!
  • Hog roasts are always popular! Remember to let them know it is a charity event. Perhaps a local supplier can offer a good discount.

Drinks are a great way to raise extra funds:

  • How about holding a summer cocktail workshop, get everyone making their own piña coladas and charge £5 to take part.
  • Why not make your own lemonade and hold a traditional lemonade stall? It's a great one for the kids, get them selling them to the adults for £1 a glass. Try mixing up the flavours – elderberry lemonade anyone?
  • Setting up a bar is a great way to bring in donations. You can often buy drinks on a sale or return basis.

Download our Big Summer DO planning guide for more summer recipes.

girl jumping on a trampolineEntertainment

Providing games and activities is a great way to increase donations and liven up your DO:

  • Play games such as tug of war, wellie wanging, skittles, hopscotch, croquet, rounders or maybe even a water-balloon fight. £1 to take part.
  • Arrange a treasure hunt and get everyone involved, young and old. Have prizes for the winners and charge a fee to enter. Hide cards of five colours and the first one to find a card of each colour wins!
  • Guess the name of the cuddly bunny, the weight of Aunt Sarah’s signature bake, or the number of lemon drops in a jar. Traditional guessing games are a great way to raise money from your Big Summer DO, £1 a pop!
  • Invite local musicians, dancers or amateur dramatic groups to provide entertainment. You could even hold your own talent show. For great entertainment your guests are more likely to donate some money so make sure you have collection buckets clearly visible throughout the performance!
  • Face painting, trampolines, bouncy castles and craft areas are great additions to any Big Summer DO. Remember to ask for a donation to take part, every £ makes a difference!

See our activity sheet for more fun ideas for your Big Summer DO - giant bubbles anyone?


Bring back all the great homemade decorations such as bunting, paper chains and even chalk drawings. 

Get children to help out and create things to hang on trees such as birds or paper planes. Balloons are a necessity too!

We have many tools to help make your Big Summer DO a big success.

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