Download these fun and free summer activities for children

Young girl on bouncy castle

As kids get excited about the holidays, thousands of young people in this country will be facing difficult situations. Theirs won’t be a happy or exciting summertime. Every five minutes a child runs away from home or care. 

By holding a Summer Celebration picnic, you can have loads of fun with your kids while raising money to help those without a safe and loving home. We have loads of free, fun games and activities to keep everyone entertained at your Summer Celebration picnic. There are also lots of resources to help make your picnic the best event of the summer!

Activity ideas

Alien sock puppets

Give your old socks an out of this world facelift

Make and perform a puppet show that is really out of this world. 

Bird banquet

Serve your flapping friends a treat

Invite the birds along to your Summer Celebration picnic by making this bird banquet.

Creepy crawly keeper 

A young explorer's guide to constructing an insect observatory

Remember getting dirty digging around for bugs and creepy crawlies? 

Cookie monsters

A ghoulish guide to baking frighteningly tasty cookies

Bake some deliciously scary cookies to sell at your Summer Celebration picnic.

Dance off

Impress your friends with your show-stopping steps

Summer's here and the time is right...for dancin' in the streets.

Grand designs

Inspirational ideas for constructing the perfect den

Inspiration for creating your own den or secret hideout.

Family twigs 

Stick together an organic family tree

Explore your family history and create a real-life family tree.

Junk rockers 

Transform your recycling into mind melting music

Release your inner rock star using the rubbish you have lying around.

Rootin shooters

Grow your own magic beanstalk!

Hold a competition to see whose beanstalk can grow the tallest in time for the picnic.


Champion ideas for comedy competition

Like the Olympics but silly.

Order your free resources 

Don’t forget to order your free resources from us to help make your Summer Celebration one to remember – from invites and balloons to games and bunting, we have it covered.