Help children like LauraEvery slice and cup sold at your Bake and Brew can help make a real difference to the lives of young people who are experiencing childhoods no child should endure.

The Children’s Society provides a lifeline to many young people who experience neglect. This neglect may be from family, carers or wider society. No child should feel unwanted. We believe every child should feel loved and cared for. 

Laura was aged 11 when we helped to get her into foster care. Laura faced serious neglect growing up.  She had often been found scavenging through bins and begging for money to buy herself food. 

Not only did Laura’s family fail to give her the material necessities she needed to survive, she was deprived of the love, attention and encouragement all children need to develop. This resulted in Laura being unable to interact well with others and as a result had few friends and extremely low self esteem.

The Children’s Society worked closely with Laura and we were able to establish a trusting relationship through providing a safe place for her to come to when she felt overwhelmed by the trauma she had experienced in her early years. We were also able to build up a good working relationship with her foster carers and were able to provide a valuable bridge between her foster home and school.

Through this support, we helped improve Laura’s confidence which had positive effects on her interaction with others as well as her educational attainment. 

Laura is now settling in to secondary school and starting to make friends for the first time. 

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  • £5 could pay for an information pack given out at a school workshop to let young people know about our services
  • £20 could pay towards a counselling session for a young person to talk about the problems in their life.
  • £95 could pay for four mediation sessions between a child and their parents to understand the issues that are making life at home unbearable.