Children decorating cakes around a table covered with purple table clothWhy not try something new for Bake and Brew and hold an icing party to get your guests having fun decorating their own cakes? People could donate to take part and the iced creations could be sold afterwards.

You could hold an icing party anywhere that suits you, from a meeting room at work to your kitchen, or even at the local village hall before your usual coffee morning.


  • Generous helping of people: your children or grandchildren, their friends and school mates, your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues or anyone else that enjoys cake
  • One suitable cake decorating venue
  • Sprinkling of edible decorations and tools including icing, sprinkles, sweets, piping bags or even edible glitter
  • Enough plain cakes for everyone to decorate
  • Spoonful of decorations such as posters, bunting, balloons and cupcake stands 
  • One collection box 


  1. Decide on where and when is best to hold your icing party and get it booked in.
  2. Invite your guests – you can use our online editable invites to help.
  3. Source plain cupcakes by asking anyone you know who bakes. You could also try getting free donations from your local bakery. 
  4. Set-up the venue with all the cakes, decorations and icing tools.
  5. Have fun coming up with weird and wonderful creations. We have created a guide which is full of top tips on how to ice cakes. 
  6. Sell your yummy delights. This may be to parents, guests or the wider community – everyone loves cake, especially one-off designs!
  7. Send in your valuable donations and thank everyone who helped.

Top tips for a great icing party

  • Consider asking people to make a donation to attend
  • Hold a competition for the best decorated cupcake - £1 to enter!
  • Keep an eye out for things to use to decorate cakes – we found breakfast cereal and cut-outs from old greeting cards were great value options!
  • Invite the local youth group or Sunday school along to join in the fun
  • Play games such as ‘pin the cherry on the cupcake’ or hold a cake themed quiz
  • Teach children the value of fundraising and get them involved in the planning, promotion and selling of cakes.
  • Can’t bake? Buy plain cupcakes and ready-made icing from your local supermarket.