Our Reach Out 100 challenge is all about reaching out to neighbours, colleagues, friends and family, encouraging them to give to support vulnerable children across the country.

Although there are numerous ways to reach £100, here are a few ideas:

  • If 10 friends donate £10
  • If 20 friends donate £5
  • If 33 friends send £3 text donations (there's information about text donations on your JustGiving page), and one friend sends a £1 donation
  • Convince a friend to donate £100

cakes and browniesHold a cake sale

If you sell pieces for £1 each, you can raise £100 by baking:

  • three cakes sliced into 12 pieces (that's £36)
  • two trays of brownies cut into 15 squares (that's £30)
  • 34 cup cakes (that's £34)

Sell a few unused items around the house on eBay or at a boot sale

Do you have things that you no longer need? If so, spring is a great opportunity to tidy your house and raise money to support our work at the same time. (Also, check down the back of the sofa for lost change while you’re at it!)

You could organise a boot sale or auction items on eBay with a goal of earning £100 (or more).

two adults and two children playing video gamesHost a video game tournament

If you charge £5 to enter, 20 entrants will help you achieve the £100 goal. The winner receives glory, while everyone will have fun and know that their money is going to a worthy cause.

Nintendo Wii Sports and FIFA 13 are good options to allow lots of people to play.

Ask your office to skip take-away teas and coffees

In lieu of getting take-away coffee, you could prepare morning teas and coffees for your colleagues, and ask them to donate the money they would have spent supporting your Reach Out 100 fundraising. Over two weeks, that's potentially £10-25 per person.

Cover the costs yourself

You could simply donate the £100 yourself (we promise not to hold it against you for not doing the challenge as originally intended).

Get involved

If making coffees, games tournaments or bake sales aren’t your thing then check out our fundraising ideas page for more great ideas.

Please sign up for our Reach Out 100 challenge.