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Child on the beachWhether you have cherished childhood memories of your own or remember happy times with children or grandchildren, you know that childhood is a very special time.

It’s so important because it's when we learn about the world and ourselves, and it often provides a foundation of who we’ll be in the future. That’s why we’d love to hear your stories, to learn as much as possible about what makes a happy childhood.

What is one of your favourite memories?

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A dinosaur


When I was in primary school and my friends came over we always played in the elephant grass in the allotments at the bottom of my garden, pretending we were in Jurassic Park being chased by dinosaurs. When their parents came to collect them we would refuse to come back to the house and my mum would be stuck at the top of garden embarassedly shouting for us.


Tents in the forrest © shutterstockMitch

I remember camping in the New Forest when I was 6. Squirrels snuck in and ate our Twix’s.


Two very young boys sitting on a beach


When I was three I sat with my best mate eating ice cream and getting covered in it, but what we didn’t realise was that we were both sitting on an ants' nest. Then all of a sudden and caught unaware an army of ants were running up and down our legs and body and in our ice cream and we both ran for our mums.

Apple tree © shutterstockHenry

I remember playing cricket in the garden with my Dad until it was pitch black using fallen apples as the ball… 


Sail boat © shutterstockSabrina

My uncle took us sailing in Australia and when the sail needed to turn round we had to duck, I forgot to duck and got hit on the head by the boom. Thankfully, I have a hard head and it didn’t even hurt!


Young boy standing while giving a young rooster a hug


I loved spending summers at my grandparents' farm in southeast Missouri.

While I 'helped' with chores, such as feeding the chickens - in this photo I'm with Scott, who I considered a sort of pet rooster - one of the things I remember most is playing outside. With my grandparents, my sister and my friend Ronnie I swam in creeks and the nearby river, and played a lot of sports.

Boy and girl standing in front of a wooden fence


This photo is of me and my sister in our first school uniform. I remember it being dark green and quite rough material.