Feeling adventurous? With The Children’s Society you can explore the world and trek some of the most spectacular sights on earth - all while raising money to support our work.

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We have a variety of fantastic overseas challenges and treks to leave even the most seasoned travellers in awe.

As part of a group from your university, you’ll spend a year fundraising in the UK with the support of our student fundraising coordinator, before heading out on a once in a lifetime journey over your summer holidays.

The fundraising targets can seem daunting, but with the dedicated support of our student fundraising team we’ll guide you every step of the way to help you reach your target.

Challenge leaders

Each team also has a challenge leader who aids in the recruitment of participants and supports the fundraising efforts of the team. For our treks happening in Summer 2015 we’re looking for motivated and dynamic individuals to lead our teams.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Challenge Leader or are interested in being a participant, contact Steph on 020 7841 4507 or apply by filling in the application form and emailing Stephanie Drummond, Student Fundraising Coordinator.

Find out more about becoming a challenge leader:

Summer 2015 treks

The following treks are available in 2015:


Registration Fee: £325
Fundraising Target: £2990

Killimanjaro | Photograph © Shutterstock

Trek to the roof of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements. Kilimanjaro soars to a chilling 5895m high peak (well above the cloud line).

It’s the highest mountain in Africa and the largest free-standing mountain in the world. The feeling you get as you climb Kilimanjaro and watch the sun rise over the vast African plains is truly an incredible experience.

View the Kilimanjaro info pack.

Or email to find out more information about trekking Kilimanjaro.

Machu Picchu

Registration fee: £325
Fundraising Target: £2990

Machu Picchu | Photograph © Shutterstock

A spectacular adventure along the Salkantay trail.

Follow in the footsteps of the Spanish Conquistadors and early 20th Century explorers as you cross the high Peruvian Andes in search of Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Inca. The trek route departs from the bustling colonial mountain town of Cusco and winds its way through breath-taking mountain passes, past sacred mountains and on through humid jungle trails to reach the fabled ruins of Machu Picchu.

View the Machu Picchu info pack.

Or email to find out more information about trekking Machu Picchu.

Moroccan High Atlas

Registration fee: £195
Fundraising target: £1400

Morocco High Atlas | Photograph © Shutterstock

Trek through the hidden jewel of Africa.

Situated in the North-West corner of Africa lies the Kingdom of Morocco; a country offering a wealth of diverse cultures, steeped in classical history. With the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Sahara to the south, Morocco offers something different for every traveller; not least the once in a lifetime experience of the Really Wild High Atlas Mountain Trek.

This incredible mountain range spreads over half the Mahgreb and is conveniently located south of Marrakech, where we will begin our adventure. We will journey through valleys, up to high villages made predominantly out of mud brick, and ultimately ascend up to the summit of Mount Toubkal - North Africa’s highest peak at 4167m.

View the Morocco info pack

Or email to find out more information about traversing the Moroccan High Atlas.

Everest Base Camp

Registration fee: £295
Fundraising Target: £2790

Everest Base Camp | Photograph © Shutterstock

A trek to the foot of the world’s highest mountain.

The Everest Base Camp trek is probably one of the most famous in the world, and one that every keen trekker should consider doing at some point in their lives. It is without doubt one of the more challenging treks to take on, but the sheer thrill and sense of achievement you experience as you arrive at the Base Camp is hard to equal.

The main highlight on your journey to Everest Base Camp will be the majestic snow-capped peaks that line the steep sided valleys, and the jaw-dropping views that await you at almost every turn. Few sites can compare to the Himalayas from this vantage point.

View the Everest info pack.

Or email to find out more information about climbing Everest.

The Great Wall of China

Registration fee: £295 
Fundraising Target: £2790

Great Wall of China | Photograph © Shutterstock

Hike along the stunning Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a staggering 5500 miles long, and one of the few man-made structures visible from space. Stretching from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, the Great Wall of China is arguably the most expansive man-made structure ever built. This means that, although hiking in China may be challenging, the rewards are spectacular, and the memory of a trip to the Great Wall will stay with you forever.

View the Great Wall info pack.

Or email to find out more information about hiking along the Great Wall of China.

Trek Rio

Trek Rio | Photograph © Shutterstock

Rio De Janeiro. A stunning trekking adventure around one of the greatest cities in the world. (coming soon)

Email to find out more info.

Guatemala Volcano Challenge

Guatemala Volcano Challenge

Registration fee: £295 
Fundraising Target: £2790

Spires of fire in Central America.

An amazing multi-day hiking adventure in Guatemala, where participants will summit half a dozen active volcanoes including the highest peak in Central America at an incredible 4220m. This trip combines hiking, beautiful lush mountain vistas and even the chance to toast marshmallows on molten lava flows.

View the Guatemala Volcano info pack.

Or email to find out more information about trekking through Guatemala.

Cycle Vietnam

Cycle Vietnam

Registration fee: £295 
Fundraising Target: £2790

Vietnam has shaken off the turbulent events of the 20th Century to emerge into this millennium as one of the world’s must-see destinations. Its lively cities, beautiful coastline and lush green countryside makes it an ideal place to explore and this challenge, crossing the Mekong Delta by bike, gives you the opportunity to push your limits whilst gaining a unique insight to this fascinating nation. If that doesn’t sway your decision, you should probably know that Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be amongst the greatest in the world.

View the Cycle Vietnam info pack.

Or email to find out more information about cycle Vietnam.

Fundraise for us by taking part in the trip of a lifetime.

Has one of these fabulous trips grabbed your attention? If you’re keen to find out more or book your place on a challenge, email our student fundraising coordinator at stephanie.drummond@childrenssociety.org.uk