young girl who has run away, walking on the pavementHelp us reach out and protect runaways – by supporting our appeal today

Claire is one of the 100,000 children who run away every year. Out of these runaway children, one in four has been the victim of a dangerous experience, often resulting in physical abuse or sexual exploitation.

The harsh reality is that, whatever reasons young people have for running away, the dangers they face on the streets are often much worse than the ones that drove them out in the first place.

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project worker speaking to girlIt’s thanks to supporters’ generosity that we were there to help Claire when she had no one else to turn to. We took her in from the cold and gave her the immediate help she needed.

Together, we believe we can make a life-changing difference to the future of more children like Claire who have seen and experienced things no child should. We must continue this vital work until every runaway child is safe from harm.

Thank you so much for your generous support today.

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Runaway children face more danger on the streets than ever before

At The Children’s Society, we do everything we can to support as many young people and children as possible who run away from home or care every year. But with one in four becoming the victim of a dangerous experience while on the street, they are more at risk of harm or abuse than ever.

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