young child Jack looking frightened and aloneJack was four-years-old when he was separated from his family because his mum and dad couldn’t look after him. After starting life in care, he felt scared, unsettled and lonelier than ever.

Jack desperately needed the stability and a positive influence in his life that every child deserves.

At The Children’s Society, we do everything we can to support young people & children in care. That’s why we introduced Jack to Anne.

Anne is what we call an Independent Visitor - not a social worker but someone completely independent of the care system who could be there for Jack through his ups and downs.

Hear Jack and Anne's stories

Click the links below to listen to Jack and Anne talk about the journey they have been on together - and the positive influence it has had on Jack’s life.

Jack's story

Anne's story

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Today over 65,000 children live in care in the UK, often moving from home to home.

For too many, their childhood is slipping away as they wait for something positive to happen. An Independent Visitor like Anne can provide strength and stability - bringing a brighter future to a young person’s life.

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young man, Jack, working at his desk with his independent visitor, AnneAn Independent Visitor can make a huge difference

With an Independent Visitor in his life, Jack had somebody who could listen to him when he was upset.

Anne gave him encouragement when he had hard choices to make and acted as a constant during his life when he faced upheaval, like moving foster homes or the time he found himself homeless not knowing who to call.

Anne and Jack were introduced by our West Sussex Participation, Advocacy and Rights (PAR) project. PAR works closely with young people in care through a range of services, including the Independent Visitor scheme and an advocacy service which helps young people in care understand their rights.

(In this letter from one of our Independent Visitor Co-ordinators you can read more about Jack and Anne, and the important roles PAR and our Independent Visitors play in young people's lives.)

Please note

In order to protect their identities, 'Jack' and 'Anne' are pseudonyms and their stories are read by actors.