Across England there are thousands of young carers who are being denied a childhood, education and future. Children as young as five years old are caring for their parents, brothers and sisters without the support they and their family desperately need.

Lucy was one of these children. Since the age of six, she has looked after her mum, who has multiple sclerosis, and her younger brother and sister.

Lucy taking care of her mother

Early mornings and late nights looking after the family meant Lucy was constantly worried and tired at school.

Her education was suffering and she had no time to relax and enjoy herself – Lucy had no time to be a child. Please make a donation so young carers can get the support they urgently need.

Your support can make a difference

Fortunately, we were able to help Lucy and her family. We were able to reduce the burden of caring and help Lucy regain her childhood. We introduced her to other young carers, allowing her to realise she was not alone and could share her experiences with other young carers who really understood.

Childhood is such an important time and I imagine most of us can look back on it with fond memories. But there are thousands of young carers, often neglected and living in poverty, who have not been so lucky. Please give what you can today so we can continue to help these children regain their childhood.

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