A girl, Rosie, with her head leaning against a doorway

Young runaways like Rosie face violence and abuse on the streets

Rosie's story

More than 5000 desperate young children ended up out on the streets last Christmas. Sadly, we know the same will happen this year. 

Rosie was just one of these children. Soon after Rosie’s dad died, her mum married a violent man. Even though Rosie was grieving, he made no secret of the fact that he didn’t like her and when he was drunk he would hit Rosie.

Rosie was so terrified that she ran away last Christmas Eve. But she ran into even greater danger.

Rosie faced more danger away from home

Child abusers look out for vulnerable children like Rosie who mistake attention for kindness. When a group of older men approached Rosie and said she could come to their house for something to eat, she gratefully agreed to go with them.

Rosie approached by a man

Thankfully the police found Rosie before it was too late. They called The Children’s Society and we quickly sent a project worker to help Rosie.

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Button that reads 'Donate now'


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Every year, a quarter of children who run away are at high risk from harm as they may be hurt or harmed while living on our streets.

A donation today could make a life-changing difference to runaway children like Rosie who go through horrendous experiences on the streets. We can protect them – but only with your support.

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Rt Reverend Tim Thornton
Bishop of Truro
Chair of Trustees