Children playing in school playgroundThere are lots of things you can do at school to raise money for our work. Here are a few of our ideas:

Non-uniform day

Arrange a non-uniform day with a twist – where pupils can wear what they like but teachers have to wear school uniform!

Does your school already hold a charity day or non-uniform day? It could provide the perfect platform for you to hold an activity or challenge to gain extra funds.

Guessing games

'Guess how many sweets in the jar' or 'Guess the teddy's weight' always get a great response.

Get sponsored

Why not see if one of your teachers (or even the Head!) would be a good sport and do something funny to help your fundraising efforts? Maybe they'd shave their beard or wear a silly outfit for the day if pupils sponsor enough money to see it happen!

Sports tournament

Why not organise a sports tournament at your school? Everyone who takes part pays a fee. You can play any sport that you like – football, rounder, netball, tennis, the choice is yours.

Party time!

Everyone loves a party so why not hold a disco at your school and charge an entry fee? You and your friends could make the decorations and also the food.