KilimanjaroWhen: January, June, July, September and October 2012

Where: Tanzania

At 5,895 meters, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the largest volcanoes ever to break through the earth's crust. Your challenge is to reach its summit. The Rongai route starts just south of the Kenya-Tanzania border and has been mostly unused for many years. Now open for climbing once again, experienced guides consider this ascent route to be both more managable and more beautiful than the main Marangu trail.

The Rongai route begins in attractive farmland and delightful forest, with the possibility of wildlife viewing and passing through several different climate zones, adding considerably to the interest of the trek.

Most trekkers will never have experienced a day as tough as this, with 1,000 meters of ascent and over 2,000 meters of descent.

KilimanjaroTaking part in an open challenge is a wonderful way of exploring the world and raising money for The Children's Society. These challenges are open to anyone and they usually made up of groups of individuals each fundraising for their own chosen charity.

The Children's Society wants to create a society where children can be children, childhood is respected and every child is valued for who they are. You can make a difference and support our work by participating in this trek. We would love you to represent us.





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A good level of fitness is required.

All flights, transfers, accommodation (tents and a lodge) and meals are included.