Great Wall of ChinaWhen: March, May, September and October 2012

Where: China

Your trekking challenge starts in Jinshanling with a vigorous and challenging trek involving climbing thousands of steps that loop along the mountains either side of the Gubeikou Gateway.

Each day you will trek approximately 12 kilometers along the stony path, twisting and winding its way along the mountains, interspersed with crumbling watchtowers.

It is demanding but also very rewarding, particularly on a clear day when you can look at the vast and beautiful mountain ranges. Your imagination will take you back several centuries to when the wall was the frontline defence of imperial China.

Great Wall of ChinaOn completion of your challenge you will return to Beijing to explore some of the many attractions of China's capital city including the Forbidden City and the famous Tiananmen Square.

Taking part in an open challenge is a wonderful way of exploring the world and raising money for The Children's Society. These challenges are open to anyone and they are usually made up of groups of individuals each fundraising for their own chosen charity.

The Children's Society wants to create a society where children can be children, childhood is respected and every child is valued for who they are. You can make a difference and support our work by participating in this trek. We would love you to represent us.





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