House to house

House-to-house collections are a great way to raise money. Simply drop collection envelopes through letterboxes in your local area then come back at a later date to pick them up.

Make sure you order ID badges from us so that you can be identified as a collector for The Children’s Society. We have an Order of Exemption from the Home Office allowing our supporters to collect house-to-house between the dates of 11th-25th April. Remember that you should never knock on doors where there is a “No cold calling” sign. 

Street collections

Collecting with a collection box in your local community is a great way to raise lots of money in a short space of time. Best of all, it is easy and fun to do!
You could collect outside your local football stadium on match day, in a supermarket or town centre or at a railway or bus station – anywhere where there are a lot of people.

If you plan to organise a collection in the street, it is best to contact the local authority for advice on whether you need a license. If you call their switchboard and explain your intention to collect for The Children’s Society and proposed location, they should be able to put you through to the correct department.

Collections from private properties

You will need to obtain permission in writing from the owner/manager of any private property, such as your local supermarket. They will be able to advise you as to whether you will need a license from your local authority. Every person collecting will also need an authority badge from The Children's Society which you can order from us by calling 0300 303 7000.


Distribute collection envelopes to colleagues at work and collect them at the end of the week. You could also leave a collection box on your reception desk for a few weeks to allow colleagues and visitors to donate.


If you attend a church, ask if you can put collection envelopes out on the pews or suggest splitting the Sunday collection – half to the church and half to The Children’s Society.

However you choose to collect, make sure you order your fundraising materials in advance and remember to wear your collector’s authority badge at all times.

At your local shop or pub

Ask for one of our collection boxes to be placed in a local shop or pub for the fortnight. You can order a collection box by calling our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000.