Child on roundabout

1. Rally the troops

Recruit as many volunteers as you can to help you with your collection. You could approach groups within church, the Mothers’ Union, Lions Clubs, Rotary or Round Table to see if they can help. You can use our recruitment poster to help

2. Stay safe

Make sure that you and your helpers always go out in pairs and don’t make any collections after 9pm.

3. Be legal

Carry your collector’s ID badge at all times and ensure all collectors are over 16. If carrying out a door-to-door collection, make sure that you don’t knock on any doors with a “No cold calling” sign.

4. Say thank you

Remember to smile and be friendly! You can thank your collectors and donors with a personal thank you postcard (available to order). You might even want to hold a post-collection party to celebrate.

5. Don’t forget Gift Aid

Encourage the people you visit to complete their Gift Aid details on their collection envelope, as this enables us to claim an extra 25p for every £1 given. Make sure you have a pen at the ready!

6. Talk about our work

People are more likely to give when they understand the charity’s work. Download the Collector’s Brief to familiarise yourself with our work and the major achievements we have accomplished for disadvantaged children.

7. Inspiring speakers

Having a speaker give an inspiring talk at your church before the collection seems to motivate people to give more generous donations. You can phone our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000 or email to book a speaker.