Here are the top tips we have gathered from collectors over the years:

Bag for lifePosters

Our recruitment poster is an easy way to sign up people who may have a few hours they can spare to help. People find it works well on church noticeboards, community centres and even outside schools. 

Inspiring speakers

Having a speaker give an inspiring talk at your church before the collection seems to motivate people to give more generous donations. You can phone our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000 to book a speaker.

Student stars

A lot of students want to get involved with charities and this is a simple way to help. Ask local students if they can spare a few hours to help.

Fundraisers of the future

A nice way of passing on this activity to the next generation is by asking existing collectors if their children would like to get involved. Collectors must be over 16 years of age.

Hot off the press...

Putting an article in your parish magazine has seen to be an effective way to promote collections or recruit collectors. You could even try your local paper or radio station; they are often looking for space fillers. Download our free press release template.

Making it matter

If collectors know exactly what difference their time is making, they tend to be a lot more motivated. Try to give a copy of our Collectors Brief to all of your collectors so they know exactly why they are doing it.

Cake and congratulations 

Hold a get-together at the end of the collection, where everyone can come and have some well-deserved drink and cake. 

Bags for life

Buy one of or Bags for Life to help carry all the envelopes.

ID badges

Ensure all collectors wear an ID badge to show who they are collecting for. Please call our order line number (0300 30 30 555) to order ID badges.