Top tips to make fundraising easy and fun

 A fundraising event

Planning your fundraising event can seem daunting, but with these simple tips you can relax and enjoy the day. 


Do spread the word about your event by using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to let your friends and family know your plans.

Do set up a JustGiving page - use our online form and we can set one up for you.

Do stay safe by making sure any children are well supervised, food is prepared to FSA guidelines and that you have the right insurance cover. It is always best to carry out a risk assessment too.

Do get the necessary guidance visit the Gambling Commission's website for full guidelines on how to stay legal if you run a raffle, lottery or sweepstakes.

Do let people know you’re fundraising for us - use our branded resources such as posters, bunting and balloons. 

Do set a target - this will give you something to aim for and encourages people to help you reach your goal.


Don't go it alone! - Get friends to volunteer and help organise the day.

Don’t forget about local businesses - ask local businesses to donate items for your event, food, drinks or even a prize for the raffle.

Don’t forget to thank everyone - after the event remember to thank everyone involved. Share the good news about how much you raised.

Don’t forget to get necessary permission - get in touch with your local council for licenses and permissions for street collections, selling alcohol and public entertainment.

Don't waste media opportunities - use our press release template (coming soon) to get some local media attention.

Don't get stressed - fundraising is meant to be fun so don’t let the preparation stress you out. Planning and volunteers can make things go much more smoothly. 

We also have a host of free resources available in our resource centre.

Every penny you raise helps make a real difference to the lives of children and young people experiencing harm or neglect.

Your hard work is worth it.