the Travelex logoWe have partnered with Travelex to give our supporters the opportunity to donate their unwanted foreign coins and bank notes.

In addition, we are delighted that Travelex has also selected us as a beneficiary of their airport collections.

several coins from different countriesHow can you donate?

Donating your coins couldn’t be easier. Call us at 0300 303 0555 to order free collections pouches from our warehouse. 

When your bag is at least half full, either call Travelex (their number is on their pouches) or you can drop off your coins at any of our retail outlets located throughout the country.

What does our relationship with Travelex mean?

Tanya Casey, Appeals Manager, said: 'For over 100 years The Children's Society has turned pennies into pounds by collecting small change. Today, travel abroad for holidays and business is increasing. We can now put people’s foreign coins that can’t be exchanged elsewhere to good use.'

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