Young boy looking up Here are some useful tips to help you to start your box network and find new box holders to support you in your fundraising. 

Useful tips

    1. Think about the people you know who you could ask to become part of your network. Could you ask fellow church members, other parents at school or colleagues at work? You can then get an idea of how many people might like to take a collection box.

    1. Once you have an idea of the people you can ask, you will need to order boxes and stickers to support your collections. 

    1. Apply the stickers to the front and back of the boxes. When you are ready to start giving them out, you can fill in the re-seal label and seal the bottom of the box.

    1. Each new box holder will need to complete a registration form (included in your welcome pack and available to order). Once complete, return all registration forms to us.

  1. Your work is now done until your box opening pack arrives. You can keep in touch with your box holders throughout the year and to find out how their collection is going. Don’t forget to remind them how important their money is in helping to support our work with vulnerable children and young people.