Everything you need for your Christingle

From service suggestions, to lesson plans and prayer activities, we have a wealth of resources available to support your Christingle event.

a mother and daughter holding Christingles

We have grouped our resources according to ways that most people have told us they use them:

Online shop

Our online shop features free fundraising materials, specially designed to support you. There’s a great range on offer - candles and red tape to decorate your oranges, as well as collection candles, posters and stickers to help you publicise your celebration.

Visit our online shop

Please be aware that our warehouse will be closed from 1pm on Wednesday 24 December, with normal services resuming on Monday 29 December

Planning, fundraising and promotional resources 

A well planned celebration will attract the best turn out and raise the most funds for disadvantaged children. See our resources page to download information on planning and advertising your event as well tips on how to boost your fundraising total.

Planning and fundraising


Download our Christingle video

If you would like to download our Christingle video, we have placed two versions on Dropbox.com, a file-sharing website. You can download one or both of the videos to your computer:

After downloading your file, you should be able to play it in a media-playing program on your computer. 

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Prayers and worship resources

If you’re looking for service plans, prayers or even songs for you service, why not take a look at our worship resources page where you’ll find a wealth of suggestions catering for all styles of worship.

Prayers and service suggestions:

Hymns and songs:

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Children and youth resources

Download children’s activities, games, songs and information about our work specifically designed for a younger audience. There’s also a range of school resources including lesson and assembly plans.

School resources

 Children and youth groups:

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Talk about our work

While Christingles are fun and engaging for all taking part, it’s equally important that everyone knows how much of an impact Christingle makes to the lives of children living in poverty. In this section you’ll find information about the life changing work we do to help disadvantaged children.

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