Time it right 

Choose a time when lots of people will be able to enjoy your singing and there aren’t any similar events happening, such as Saturday shopping day if singing outdoors - Then get permission.

Get everyone involved

Even if they don’t like singing, people can join in by shaking maracas, tambourines or a collection bucket.  

Make some noise

Ask if your local choir or brass band is available to join you to help produce a great sound that people will want to stop and listen to.

Festive treats

Sell goodies like mulled wine and mince pies. You could ask a local café if they would donate some treats.  

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'We have a tried-and-tested formula, starting our planning for each year’s event early. We approach primary schools in January, asking if the children are willing to sing on behalf of The Children’s Society. We try to give them lots of notice. We also apply for the necessary permits from the council, and gain permission from the shopping centre where we sing. Each school is asked to sing for just an hour, and as the children sing, we wear our special The Children’s Society sashes and hold donation buckets.

'The atmosphere is always really great – many people make comments like, "This is what Christmas is all about!"' – Hazel Noakes, Chair of High Wycombe Support Group.