Help us make a difference for children who are so severely abused or neglected that they run away from home.

Susie, a young girl who has run awayDuring Lent, 9205 children will be forced to run away and risk being hurt or harmed like 13-year-old Susie.  

In most cases children who run away have no one to turn to. Hungry, lonely and scared, children as young as 11 are in serious danger and it’s vital that we act now to bring them to safety just like Susie, who you can read more about

Your donation can help to make a real difference for children like Susie

By giving today to Susie’s appeal you will help us continue to work directly with runaways at risk, bringing hope to the lives of children like Susie.

Your donation also sends an important message to a child who has known years of violence and neglect. It says: 'Someone cares about your future.'

Susie smiling at her project workerMake a life-changing difference today

Children who run away are often vulnerable and desperate.

They may have escaped from misery at home to face even greater danger on the street.

Each one deserves a chance to find the love and innocence of a proper childhood after which they can flourish. 

Please give what you can today.