Playing our raffle is a great way to raise funds, knowing that every ticket you buy helps us to reach more of the country’s most vulnerable children.

Our summer raffle opens in May. Take part and you could be in with a chance to win our first prize of £3,000.

Great news – there are loads of prizes to win…

Tickets are just £1 each and you could win one of 14 fabulous prizes.

And of course, buy more tickets and you’ll have more chances to win.

1st Prize £3,000 cash or a cruise of a lifetime.

2nd prize £1,000 cash

3rd prize £500 cash

Plus 10 runner-up prizes of £50 cash.

We also have our Super Seller draw – buy or sell a whole book of raffle tickets and you’ll automatically be entered into an additional draw to win £250 in cash.

We had 14 lucky winners in our Christmas raffle, sharing a prize fund of £5,250

1st Prize £3,000 - Ticket number 1073637 – Trish, London

2nd Prize £1,000 - Ticket number 1185781 – Mr Bennett, Stockport

3rd Prize £500 - Ticket number 1231097 – Miss Kirkham, Essex

10 runner-up prizes of £50

Ticket number111013 – Mrs Elliott, Worcester

Ticket number 39396 – Mr Major, Devon

Ticket number 92623 - Mr Abbott, Nottingham

Ticket number 1236684 – Mr Athay, Bridlington

Ticket number1064677 - Mrs Stock, London

Ticket number 205872 – Mr Wyatt, Newark

Ticket number 1221916 – Mrs Charles, Northamptonshire

Ticket number 1210017 – Mr Fell, Grimsby

Ticket number 224234 – Mrs Emerton, Portsmouth

Ticket number 227908 – Mr Beveridge, Somerset

Super Seller prize £250 – Mrs Taylor, Durham

Raffle rules, lottery license policy and procedures

Please read our raffle rules.

Please review our lottery license policy and procedures.

Support for gambling problems

If you feel that you have a problem with gambling please call GamCare at 0845 6000 133.