The start of an amazing journey

Celebrate the start of an amazing journey

Celebrate the christening of a precious child with a special gift to mark the occasion.

Our range of gifts offers you the opportunity both to give a christening gift to the newly baptised child and to make a difference to the lives of some of our country’s most disadvantaged children.

Every gift makes a difference

Whichever christening gift you buy, your donation will help us to continue supporting children as they take their first steps from childhood to adulthood.

The money raised from each gift will go directly towards supporting our work with and for children and families facing poverty and neglect on a daily basis.

Simply choose a gift from the selection below to find out more.


The Children’s ISA 

Children's Isa

Prepare for a child’s future by opening one of our Children’s ISAs. You only need £10 to open it, but every ISA opened results in a donation of £50 to us. 

The ISA allows you to save up to £4000 per tax year tax free for eligible children. Any parent or guardian can open the ISA, and anyone - such as friends and family - can make contributions.

For more information and to open an ISA, visit The Children’s ISA website


Children of God Storybook Bible

Children of God Storybook Bible | Photograph © The Children's Society

Price £10

In this vibrant children's Bible, Archbishop Desmond Tutu re-tells over fifty classic Bible stories. A great introduction to the Christian faith and great bedtime reading for children.


The Lion Bible to Keep Forever

Lion's Bible for children | Photograph © The Children's Society

Price: £15

This children’s bible is fantastic both as a keepsake item and a useful way of introducing children to the stories of the Christian faith.

Colourful illustrations and easy to read text make this an ideal gift for parents to read to toddlers and for older children to read for themselves.

Noah's ark

Noah's Ark |Photograph © The Children's Society

Price: £20

A great traditional christening gift, a Noah’s Ark still ranks amongst the most popular christening gifts.

Our specially commissioned silver plated ark is a perfect reminder of a special day.


New Baby Starter Kit

First day at school starter kit

Price: £35

Help a child get off to a good start in life. Your gift will help destitute parents struggling to provide for their new born babies.

You will receive a certificate and prayer card and know that you have helped to give another child a better start in life.