boy sitting alone in an empty roomDetention damages children

Taken from their communities, with little understanding of what they have done to deserve being locked up, detention has a devastating impact on children. Scared and anxious, children we work with have experienced insomnia, weight loss, bed-wetting, depression and self harm while in detention.

Our campaign exposes this disgraceful practice at a national level with candid stories from children and their families depicting the damaging effects of detention. We need a fairer policy that demonstrates our natural instinct to protect and care for some of the most vulnerable children in the UK today.

Detention of children is unnecessary

There is no evidence that families run away from the authorities if they are not detained. As anyone with children will know, their education and health needs, friendship ties and the desire to be settled in the UK all prevent families 'disappearing'.

Detention of children is a shameful waste of taxpayers' money

It costs £120 every day to keep a child in immigration detention. We have often worked with children who have been detained for over six weeks. To keep a family of four in detention for six weeks costs over £20,000.

OutCry! is not alone in criticising the Government's policy and calling for an end to the detention of children. Have a look at what other organisations and individuals have said on the subject, ranging from journalists and politicians to authors, medical professionals and international bodies.